My Services

Here are some of the main services I offer. If you need a designer for something that's not shown below, please feel free to reach out anyway and I'll do my best to help you.

Logo design

Logo Design - $600 ($300 upfront)

A well-designed logo is essential for any business.


Having a good logo will establish your professionalism, help you stand out against competitors, and make your business easily memorable; which, in turn, will drastically increase your chances of success and earn you more money. 

What's included:

- Modern, Professional Logo Design

- First Draft Within 4-7 Days

- High-Resolution/Vector Deliverables

- Mockups Included, If Requested

- 10 Revisions Included

- Full Rights to the logo design

- Color-Inverted design, for use on both light and dark backgrounds.


Business Card Design

Single-Sided Business Card Design - $300 ( $150 upfront)

Double-Sided Business Card Design - $400 ($200 upfront)

Business Cards are a great way to give your contact information to potential partners, customers, or clients. 

Having a great business card will leave an even greater impression on others and solidify your position as an expert and professional.

What's included:

- First Draft Within 4-8 Days

- High Resolution/Vector Final Files

- Visually Appealing, Professional Design

- Mockups Included, If Requested

- 10 Revisions Included


Book Cover Design

Front Design - $400 ($200 upfront)

Front, Back, and Spine - $600 ($300 upfront)

Contrary to the popular saying, people DO tend to judge books by their covers. Especially the Author. 

That's why if you've spent countless hours writing your masterpiece, you deserve a book cover to match. A well-done book cover will convey a hint of what's to come and grasp the interest of readers. Before they even open it.

What's Included:

- Book Cover Design

- First Draft within 7-14 Days

- High-Resolution/Vector Final Files

- Mockups Included, If Requested

- 10 Revisions Included