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Ameridream: Fence and Deck Branding

Logo Design Project 2017

We were contacted to design a logo for an already-established fencing & deck business in the Chicago area. They needed a company logo that was memorable, unique, and would convey what their business was all about at a quick glance. They didn’t have any must-have design parameters initially and left the specifics of the design to us.

While discussing the details for the logo, the client mentioned that they wanted something that wasn’t too crazy or “out there”. They were leaning more towards something simple & clean, to help modernize their brand.









Logotype: Gobold Uplow

Gobold Uplow

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Gobold Uplow is a very impactful font. Its bold style makes it stand out while also having a sense of sturdiness and dependability. The font also has the characteristic of having lowercase letters that are just as tall as the uppercase letter, which makes it more uniform and signifies consistency.


Being a Fence & Deck business, we incorporated a white picket fence into the design to help make their services easily identifiable by just glancing at the logo. We replaced the “i” in Ameridream with a hammer to signify sturdiness & reliability. With the hammer being one of the oldest tools in history, it shows that they’re a purpose-built business and that the results from their services will last the test of time. I also included the silhouette of the roofline of a house to signify that they provide services for residential properties.

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